About Us


Wayne and Nina Fleming, along with their five children, moved from a pastorate in Ocean Springs, Mississippi in 1971 to Donna, Texas where Nina obtained a teaching position so that Wayne could attend Language school in nearby Edinburg, Texas. At that time they felt the Lord was leading them to work with the Spanish speaking people somewhere in the U.S. They had applied with the Home Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention, but were told they were out of funds to send them to language school. Therefore, they ventured out on their own, trusting the Lord would supply their needs. He did and has continued to do so for these many years through individuals and churches that hear about the work and are touched by God to support it by their gifts.

The only thing the Flemings knew at the time was that in some way God wanted to get the Gospel out to these people. They found a little Spanish mission in Donna, started attending, and found that even without knowing the language, there was plenty of work to do. The children all spoke English, having learned it by attending school, so this is where their work began. They started the children’s ministry in the church and in nearby neighborhood, a real mission field in itself. Later, when the Cuban pastor of the church left, Wayne was asked to be their Minister. By that time, he could speak a little Spanish and the congregation was very loving and understanding of what he didn’t know. While living in Donna and pastoring the mission, the Flemings began meeting other missionaries and were invited by one to take a trip into Mexico with him. Nina also had an opportunity to go, and the Lord began to let them know that Mexico was where he was leading. Wayne often says,”sometimes the Lord gets you to one place to get you to another.”

Again, the Flemings took a step of faith and moved into Mexico in 1973. They had no idea exactly how they would start, but knew that by someway or other that they were to proclaim the Gospel. The Lord lead them to a small village,”El Cerrito”, located near Allende, Nuevo León, Mexico. They began their work by inviting children into their home and showing Christian filmstrips on the walls, having neighborhood Vacation Bible Schools, and visiting in homes and presenting the Gospel.

Their children were a blessing. Playing with the local children helped them quickly learn Spanish and they would invite their new friends to the services. They also helped in the services by playing the accordion for the music and leading the singing. From these small beginnings the Lord has multiplied the work as the Flemings spread their ministry to the surrounding communities, towns and states.

With the help of locals and Christians from the US who began coming on short-term mission trips, several church buildings were built, a Christian camp facilities and a Bible Institute started to train those who felt led to serve God in full-time ministry. After these groups began to come to encourage and help, more and more workers were trained and the churches started reproducing themselves.

Wayne and Nina’s son, Timothy Wayne and his family felt God’s calling to join in the ministry in 1999. Tim’s plan and strategy for planting new churches came from the Apostle Paul’s instructions to Timothy in 2 Timothy 2:2.